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  • The Risk Officer will be responsible to act as Conducting Officer (for Luxembourg CSSF purposes) and undertake the day to day risk management, compliance and valuation oversight of our AIFM business in Luxembourg to ensure that it is in accordance with the applicable CSSF regulations, ESMA guidance and AIFMD.
  • He/she will join a growing international team of currently 15 FTEs working in three main offices: Luxembourg, London and Milan.
  • Possibility for the candidate to take over also other roles, from valuations to portfolio monitoring.
  • The candidate will participate to all session of the Invest ment Committee.



  • Undertake and oversee initial and ongoing AML risk assessment and due diligence functions required under AIFMD and other regulations.
  • Monitor the investment and corporate risk management procedures and controls in place to ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Keep abreast of legal and regulatory updates and ta k e action to ensure compliance is maintained.
  • Determine the focus of the monitoring for each AIF under management.
  • Draft and update policies, programmes, checklists, questionnaires as required to effectually deliver a risk management and compliance programme to comply with AIFMD and generally regulatory requirements.
  • Review, advise and streamline the processes and procedures for delivering an effective risk management function to clients.
  • Review fund constitutional documents, PPM and other materials for risk management purposes.
  • Prepare regular risk assessment reports to be sent to top management/BoD2.File and liaise with CSSF as required and ensure regulatory filings are prepared and filed in time for deadlines.
  • Promote a compliance culture.
  • Manage the growth of the risk management team in line with the business.
  • Be the point of contact for auditors to prepare documents as required.
  • Periodic ally monitor the liquidity of the AIFs and the AIFM through financial models developed, regularly updated with cash flow trends.
  • Conduct stress test scenarios for internal purposes and regulatory reporting.
  • Verify compliance of the limits defined by the AIF’s rules in terms of diversification ( by single asset, by asset class, by LPs), overcommitment level, use of leverage, pledges/warranties, derivatives and ratings of the main counter parties.
  • Analyse and manage operational risks arising from the core business concerning all internal activities report to the BoD the mitigating actions suggested to prevent any negative impact.


We value committed individuals that are creative, energetic, proactive and smart in their thinking and actions as well as highly professional ethical and strong team players.

  • at least 5+ years of relevant experience within a Private Equity AIFM in Europe.
  • in depth knowledge of AIFMD regulations.
  • capability to build, mentor and motivate junior team members to provide a quality client focused service.
  • strong organizational skills strong analytical problem solving skills and strong attention to detail.
  • fluent in English and French any further other language (Luxembourgish, Italian, Dutch) would be considered an asset.


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