Depositary (Senior) Officer

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Depositary (Senior) Officer

Job description

Role summary:

The Officer position represents an administration role within the business, focused on supporting the Depositary team to meet all the service requirements of our clients.

Employed in Luxembourg as an Officer, reporting to the Manager/ Depositary Director in Luxembourg. In performing the role, you will work with other members of the Depositary team.


Key responsibilities:

  • Supporting the Luxembourg Depositary team in providing depositary deliverables as defined in the AIFMD;
  • Depositary client liaison, working closely with the Depositary team on the client relationship management, to ensure that emerging issues are identified and resolved in a proactive manner, to enhance client service delivery and to ensure a seamless and coordinated service delivery by Sanne Group;
  • Analyse funds in advance of take on to ensure a full understanding of their purpose, structure and activity in order to formulate effective and appropriate monitoring programmes in compliance with the AIFMD;
  • Perform Due Diligence in respect of depositary customer portfolio and third parties;
  • Perform cash monitoring duties in accordance with the AIFMD, working with in-house service specialists as required;
  • Perform safekeeping duties in accordance with the AIFMD, working with in-house service specialists as required;
  • Perform oversight duties in accordance with the AIFMD, working with in-house service specialists as required;
  • Establish effective communication with clients, the Fund Administrators as necessary third-party agents and professional advisers to support the depositary work being performed;
  • Ensuring timely invoicing of depositary customer fees in accordance with billing schedule and efficient collection of debtors within agreed parameters;
  • To protect, enhance and respect the reputation of Sanne in all internal and external dealings;
  • To ensure that the confidentiality of depositary customers is protected as appropriate at all times;
  • To ensure that the integrity of structures to which depositary services are provided are always protected;
  • Responsible for monitoring, managing, and reporting to the Depositary Manager/Depositary Director, any potential conflicts of interest;
  • Any other duties in the scope of the role that the company requires.


    Skills / experience:

  • Economic or Legal background (Bachelor required / Master preferable);
  • An understanding of the role of a Depositary under AIFMD preferable;
  • An understanding of the purpose, structure and operation alternative investment funds under AIFMD preferable;
  • Excellent communication and organisation skills; the ability to plan and organise yourself to meet all Depositary deadlines, and to be objective at all times;
  • Strong analytical skills and affinity with figures;
  • A determination to ensure that structures are thoroughly understood, and risks identified and consistently monitored;
  • Ability to adapt to fluctuating workloads and the analytical demands of the role;
  • Previous audit experience would be an asset value;
  • Certificate of good conduct (Casier judiciaire, Polizeiliches Führungszeugnis) will be required in case of positive selection.

As Sanne Group Luxembourg is a financial organisation, all new employees will be required to undergo a criminal record check.


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