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14th and 15th of may 2019 | Luxembourg

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Innovative and sustainable finance focuses on new ways of supporting economic growth while simultaneously reducing any potential harm to the environment; this includes products, services and technologies as well as new business models. The new business models need revamping and sustainable financial systems embedded into their environmental, social and governance arenas. Governments are not capable of financing all of these goals alone thus the financial sector has to play a major role. By committing to sustainable finance, the financial sector can further impact the outcomes of these innovative investments.

The Innovative and Sustainable Finance Edition of the Agrique Africa Investment Summit 14th and 15th May, Luxembourg 2019 will provide an interactive platform where panelists will talk about how innovation with a sustainability mindset will help boost and revamp how agricultural investments are made.

ISF 2019 will explore how banks and financial institutions can cooperate with funds and development agencies to multiply the impact had in the agribusiness sector, through using blended finance. ISF 2019 will also explore the viability of sustainable finance in the agricultural sector in Africa, and strategize on how to overcome the setbacks from poor ESG.

ISF is hosting the Innovative and Sustainable Financing Edition of the Agrique Africa Investment summit, with key experts leading discussions on how sustainable finance can be used as a tool to attract more foreign investors to agribusiness in Africa. These sessions are well packaged and unmissable.

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