The LPEA is currently operating with 5 Technical Committees which are split into different sub-groups. The committees usually have up to two co-chairs and rely on the support and diversity of the association’s members. If you would like to join one of our Technical Committees please use the form available in this link.


The “Legal” Committee leaders are:

Katia Panichi | Elvinger Hoss

Gautier Laurent | Cinven Luxembourg

Stephane Pesch | LPEA coordinator

The “Legal” Committee is composed of following sub-groups, led by:


The objectives of the “Tax” Committee are:

The “Tax” Committee leaders are:

Giuliano Bidoli | BC Partners

Martin Hollywood | PwC

Stephane Pesch | LPEA coordinator

Following “Tax” sub-groups are also available and led by:

  • Tax – YPEL (Steve Idrissou | AtoZ)
  • Tax – VAT (Marie-Isabelle Richardin | PwC)

3. MARKET PRACTICE & OPERATIONS COMMITTEE (former Accounting & Valuation)

The objectives of the “Market Practice &
Operations” Committee are:

The “Market Practice & Operations” Committee leaders are:

Laurianne Delaunay | Marguerite Adviser

Alexis Wolf | KPMG

Stephane Pesch | LPEA coordinator

Following “Market Practice & Operations” sub-group is also available and led by:

  • Risk Management (Alan Picone | KPMG & Hakan Yar | BC Partners)

4. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE (former Market Intelligence)

The objectives of the “Central Intelligence” Committee are:

The “Central Intelligence” Committee leaders are:

Andrea Montresori | PwC

Arnaud Bon | Deloitte

Stephane Pesch | LPEA coordinator

5. PROMOTION SOUNDING BOARD (former Promotion Committee)

The objectives of the “Promotion
Sounding Board” are:

The “Promotion Sounding Board” leaders are:

Natacha Oskian | Allen & Overy

Carmen von Nell-Breuning | EY

Luis Galveias | LPEA coordinator