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LPEA represents, promotes and protects the interests of the Luxembourg private equity and venture capital industry


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Welcome to the world of LPEA, where you can learn about the PE / VC industry in Luxembourg!

We are unique for the reason that our Association is international by design and caters for mostly international members, which leads us to work closely with other PE associations from across Europe and beyond. Luxembourg is a key hub for PE/VC investors who seek a stable, multilingual and nimble environment to base their operations. Our work at the Association focuses on providing a platform where newcomers enjoy a “one-stop shop” while ensuring that existing operators keep abreast of the latest developments across the board.

We host a series of online and offline events that address the ever-growing diverse membership base. See our events

We offer different types of memberships, depending on the location, size and nature of your operations: See our memberships

As it stands, LPEA counts 530 members, 50% of which are investors (LPs & GPs, including Family Offices and Private Banks). There is a growing proportion since 2019, which shows that Luxembourg is gaining trust as a substance-focused hub. Take a look at our Members list

We are here to “match talent and money” and encourage you to contact our team to answer your queries, whether you are new to Luxembourg or want to navigate better in the PE/VC ecosystem as a local player.

Meanwhile you can browse through our extensive library of content, where you can read articles, view videos and browse through magazines on all important topics: See our media

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Stephane Pesch

by Jhemp Bastin. Photo: Luc Ewen

The Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LPEA) is the most trusted and relevant representative body of private equity and venture capital practitioners with a presence in Luxembourg.

Created in 2010 by a leading group of private equity and venture capital players in Luxembourg, with more than 530 members today, LPEA plays a leading role locally actively promoting PE and VC in Luxembourg.

LPEA provides a dynamic and interactive platform which helps investors and advisors to navigate through latest trends in the industry. International by nature, the association allows members to network, exchange experience, expand their knowledge and grow professionally attending workshops and trainings held on a regular basis.

If Luxembourg is your location of choice for private equity, LPEA is your choice to achieve outstanding results.

LPEA is a member of Invest Europe and Luxembourg For Finance

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A brief history of the LPEA

Foundation of the LPEA.
June 2010
Appointment of Paul Junck as Managing Director
February 2013
Capital V Magazine #2
February 2014
Election of Jérôme Wittamer as President
September 2014
Capital V Magazine #4
February 2015
Capital V Magazine #6
February 2016
Capital V Magazine #8
February 2017
LPEA Insights Conference “360 GP View”
September 2017
PE Insight/Out Magazine #11
April 2018
Creation of the LPEA Young Leaders group
July 2018
PE Insight/Out Magazine #12
November 2018
PE Insight/Out Magazine #13
March 2019
Creation of the PE4W Initiative
September 2019
Creation of the Large Buyout Club
October 2019
Stephane Pesch joins the team as Director of Strategy
January 2020
PE Insight/ Out Magazine #15
February 2020
Evi Gkini joins the team as an Intern
June 2020
PE Insight/ Out Magazine #16
January 2021
PE Insight/Out Magazine #17
March 2021
PE Insight/Out Magazine #18
March 2021
LPEA Academy 3rd edition
September 2021
PE Insight/Out Magazine #19
October 2021
PE Insight/Out Magazine #20
March 2022
LPEA Job Fair 3rd edition
March 2022
PE Insight/Out Magazine #22
October 2022
PE Insight/Out Magazine #23
December 2022
PE Insight/Out Magazine #24
February 2010
Election of Hans-Jürgen Schmitz as President
October 2010
Capital V Magazine #1
September 2013
Capital V Magazine #3
June 2014
Luís Galveias joins the team as Marketing & Communication Manager
September 2014
Capital V Magazine #5
September 2015
Capital V Magazine #7
September 2016
Capital V Magazine #9
April 2017
Capital V Magazine #10
February 2018
LPEA Insights Conference “Building the Real Economy”
May 2018
Election of Rajaa Mekouar as President
September 2018
Creation of the ESG Club
February 2019
LPEA Insights Conference “Private Equity 3.0”
March 2019
Appointment of Rajaa Mekouar as CEO Nomination of Claus Mansfeldt as President
September 2019
PE Insight/ Out Magazine #14
October 2019
Update of the PE in Luxembourg guide
February 2020
LPEA 10th Anniversary Party
January 2021
Creation of the LPEA Academy
November 2020
Evi Gkini joins the team as BD & Project Manager
February 2021
LPEA Academy 2nd edition
May 2021
Creation of the LPEA Job Fair
March 2021
Johann Herz joins the team as Head of Comm & Events
September 2021
LPEA Job Fair 2nd edition
December 2021
PE Insight/Out Magazine #21
March 2022
LPEA Academy 4th edition
June 2022
LPEA Job Fair 4th edition
October 2022
LPEA ESR Certification
December 2022

Our mission

The mission of the LPEA is threefold:


LPEA’s mission towards its members is to represent and promote the interest of Private Equity and Venture Capital (“PE”) players based in Luxembourg and abroad.


LPEA’s mission towards Luxembourg is to support government and private initiatives to enhance the attractiveness of Luxembourg as an international hub for carrying out PE business and/or servicing the PE/VC industry in all its dimensions.


In summary, LPEA is the go-to platform where PE practitioners can share knowledge, network and get updated on the latest trends of the industry across the value chain.

The Luxembourg PE industry is distinct from many other countries. Due to the limited size of its domestic market, the added value of Luxembourg for the mostly international GPs is mainly represented by efficient PE transaction and fund structuring possibilities rather than PE investment opportunities on the national territory. This has several implications on the goals, objectives and composition of the LPEA.

As a general rule, LPEA shall encompass and represent the interests of all actors that shape or serve the PE value chain in Luxembourg, which include:


Matching Talent & Money.

LPEA aims at bringing new talents and young professionals to Luxembourg and to the PE asset class in particular. With this motto, LPEA intends to raise the level of expertise and the diversity of professionals by increasing the offer of high skilled experts and by actively contributing to that offer through training, mentoring and networking.