As described in our strategic plan 2020 – 2025, education and trainings which help the local professionals to improve their skills and career paths along with the attraction of new talents are part of LPEA’s important priorities which will benefit the Luxembourg financial sector.

We, at the LPEA & LPEA Academy, firmly believe that:

After the big success of 4 Editions with more than 340 participants and 40 speakers,we are ready to expand the list of modules. Stay tuned for more!

If you have any other questions regarding the upcoming editions, you can contact us at [email protected]

VIDEO RECORDINGS of the academy 2022

The video recording of each of our modules is accessible to all registered participants in the respective module. To access the videos, please ask your module password to [email protected].


Module 1 – Venture Capital: All you ever wanted to know about Venture Capital (VC)

Module 2 – Private Equity Foundation

Module 3 – ESG

Module 4 – Private Debt

Module 5 – Value Creation

Module 6 – TAX

Module 7 – PE Risk Management

Module 8 – Foundations of Valuation for PE

Module 9 – Multi Strategy & FoF

Module 10 – Legal Academy

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