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Investing in Biotech

Our program


1.Introduction by Jean-Paul Scheuren (House of Biohealth in Luxembourg) –

  • He will explain the Luxembourg cluster/activities and strategic interest

2. Panel discussion 

  • with our speakers:
  • Agnisezka Noel-Druzd Founder & Managing Director at LANODay Sàrl-S, Vianova Venture Partner
  • Vincent Brichard Founder & Managing Director at Vianova (Biosciences) Sprl
  • Jean-Paul Scheuren Business Developer at House of Biohealth in Luxembourg
  • Markus Ollert CEO at Tolerogenics S.à r.l.
  • Nico Vandervelpen Co-founder and Managing Partner at Bioqube Ventures
  • Andreas Kremer Co-founder and Managing Partner at ITTM S.A. – Information Technology for Translational Medicine
  • Daniele Alessandro Cardoso – Trois I


  • we will discuss:
  • the biotech investment opportunity 
  • the Luxembourg-Belgian practices 
  • trends, developments and verticals of the sector
  • the future of the sector and why BENELUX

3. Q&A 


Our speakers

Agnieszka Druzd

Corporate Background :

“Self-made” with over 19 years of experience in the financial sector and more than 15 years as an international developer.

1875 Finance (Luxembourg) S.A. (Executive Director)

Société Générale Private Banking, Luxembourg (Senior Private Banker & Business Development Manager, Vice President)

Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) (Senior Private Banker, UHNWI & Family Office Services

KBL European Private Bankers, Luxembourg (Institutional Sales Executive)

Left her last Senior Client Relationship duties (Director) end of June 2019 to pursue her personal entrepreneurial projects and assist her clients in their passionate journeys of international entrepreneurs, including in the field of healthcare with strong enthusiasm for connecting experts in various locations, and passion for connecting investors with great projects

Markus Ollert

Entrepreneurial activities:
Prof. Ollert co-founded Protein-Ligand-Structural Design (PLS-Design) in Hamburg, Germany as a start-up of the Universities of Hamburg and of the TUM, Munich in 2004. PLS-Design became a leader in providing molecular diagnostic solutions for patients with severe allergies caused by stinging insects such as honeybees and wasps. The technologies developed by PLS-Design were successfully out-licensed to diagnostic leaders in the business and are now diagnostic immunoassays for insect venom allergy in the product portfolio of ThermoFisher/Phadia, Uppsala, Sweden.
In 2016, Prof. Ollert co-founded Tolerogenics SàrL in Luxembourg. Tolerogenics is devoted to provide solutions for the increasing burden of allergic diseases, which are affecting up to 40% of people in Westernized societies around the world. Tolerogenics wants to contribute to the vision of a world with less or less severe allergic diseases in the short- and mid-term range, and to a world without allergic diseases on a longer-term perspective. Allergen-specific immunotherapy and primary vaccination against allergy, which are the main business areas of Tolergenics, are ideally tailored to reach these ambitious goals of sustainable allergy prevention and cure.

Vincent Brichard

GSK, Belgium : Senior Vice-President, Head of Immunotherapeutic

700 people under management,

7 licenses negotiated, €280m annual budget

Biotech VC Partner at Life Sciences Partners (LSP), Belgium

LSP5 (€ 250m) & LSP6 (> € 440m)

Daniele Alessandro Cardoso

Daniele Cardoso, has spent more than thirty years in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech world with several roles. As industrial entrepreneur when heading Infa Group, a leading Italian producer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients then as investor with Trois I sa, his single family office based in Luxembourg, in publicly listed pharma and biotech companies as well as in private equity and venture capital funds. He serves also as independent board member in some advisory and supervisory boards of companies active in life sciences and last but not least, as advisor with his swiss based advisory boutique, Advitech sa.

Jean-Paul Scheuren

In 1992, Jean-Paul graduated as Licencié en Science Economique Appliquée from the Institut
d’Administration et de Gestion at the Université Catholique de Louvain (ULC).
In 1993, he started his professional career as Conseiller Economique at the Fédération des
Artisans, Luxembourg’s national federation for craftmanship. During this occupation, he was
able to develop a widespread network with economic and social actors in Luxembourg.
He left the Federation des Artisans in 2002 to become the Director of a major Luxembourg real
estate development company. He never left the real estate sector since. He created JPS consult
sàrl, a real estate development consultancy company, in 2005 and joined Groupe Konrath as an
independent director.
Also in 2005, he joined the inventor team of Axoglia Therapeutics SA and started his passion for
the life science sector.
From 2009 to 2016, he was appointed President of the Biohealth Cluster Luxembourg, created
by Luxinnovation, to develop the Luxembourg Biohealth sector, in collaboration with the
Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research.
In 2012 he started the House of Biohealth – www.hobh.lu – project, an accelerator
infrastructure for private life science companies and public research units. One of the main
challenge was to build a Lab infrastructure without knowing the future occupant, thus needing
a maximum of flexibility and modularity. HoB offers today 6 000 sqm of Lab infrastructure and 4
000 sqm of Office space, Start-Up desks, Meeting and Conference rooms in HoB 1 and HoB 2. It
is a private owned infrastructure developed in close collaboration with the Ministry of
The Incubator Lab, a special facility for Life science start-up companies, offering completely
equipped ready to use lab infrastructure, will be inaugurated mid-2021, thus adding a well
needed contribution to the development of the Life science community in Luxembourg.
The third phase – HoB 3 – is currently under construction and the next 5 000 sqm will be
delivered End of 2021.

Andreas Kremer

Pharma Research        I have hands on work experience in industry with several bio-technological and pharmaceutical companies: Smithkline Beecham (UK), Janssen Research Foundation (B; a Johnson & Johnson company), LION Bioscience/Bayer AG (D/US), and Siena Biotech SpA (I). I was joint lead in several projects for drug discovery and actively participated in many. Under my leadership my interdisciplinary bio-informatics group (7 direct reports) implemented a platform for pathway analysis as well as a robust platform for data analysis and data storage (focus: screening data, transcriptome and proteome data).

Clinical Research        I have been assistant professor in the bioinformatics department of the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam (NL), where my main focus was the application of systems biology and NGS in clinical research and diagnostics for patient stratification. Furthermore, I made significant contributions to the development of Ingenuity Variant Analysis (produced by Ingenuity Systems, US). My guidance and personal involvement were instrumental to start the development of GenomeTrax™ (produced by Biobase GmbH, D) and led to the nomination as member of the scientific advisory board of Biobase.

E2E Business             Since May 2015 I am managing director and co-founder of ITTM (IT for Translational Medicine) S.A. a company providing data integration, knowledge management solutions and services to all bio-medical research areas and particular digital and mHealth. Before I worked within Corporate Technology (Siemens AG as Senior Key Expert Systems Biology & Systems Medicine where I developed a Vision and Strategy for Systems Medicine integrating clinical workflows (Translational Medicine) from the medical question/need towards clinical reports with patient and disease relevant information. Strong focus during the implementation (team of 5) was placed on appropriate data and result storage (incl. visualisation and access) and after receiving strong interest from customers the developed prototype is scheduled to be implemented at a customer site.

LPEA Sponsors 2021 v8 Annual
May 05 2021
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm