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PE Power Play: HR & IT Due Diligence Unleashed

This webinar on PE Power Play: HR & IT Due Diligence Unleashed will be held virtually on Zoom.

Failure of due diligence to highlight issues around asset quality is the No. 1 reason for unsuccessful capability deals and 60% of executives attributed PE deal failure to poor due diligence that did not identify critical issues.

HR & IT Due Diligence in Private Equity are a bit like pre-nuptial agreements before a marriage. People have an idea about what they are, but very few people do them unless they have already been through a painful divorce. Even in this case, they often repeat the same patterns. They are so excited about the idea of marriage that they are oblivious to how to make the marriage work.

Gabriela Nguyen-Groza, Managing Partner at Amrop Luxembourg and Frédéric Vezon, Président of Neovian Digital France, will discuss about the importance of HR & IT Due Diligence. The investors’ commitment to deal with any issues and challenges upfront really makes the difference between a bad deal and a real success. We can blame market conditions, the general context, or find another reason for failure, but, at the end of the day, proper IT and HR due diligence should be a rule, not exceptions.

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Gabriela Nguyen Groza e1698309342604

Gabriela’s experience spans across sectors and countries, as a Trusted Advisor for Boards, CEOs and their executive teams. She is specialised in international executive searches (iNED and C-Suite) and leadership development work with PE investors, Family Offices, VCs and their portfolio companies around the world.

Her track-record includes recruiting a multitude of non-executive (Chair of the Board, Head of the Audit Committee, Head of the Risk Committee, Non-Executive Director etc. ) and C-Suite executive positions. She is quick to grasp the sector challenges and nuances while bringing rigor, insight, care and pragmatism in her approach.

Her expertise in search is completed by her activity in Organisational Design, Leadership Development and People Due Diligence.


Frederic VezonFrederic Vezon has 25 years of experience in investment and management of technology startups across North America. His professional journey includes: serving as the Director of Investment for CDPQ, one of the largest pension funds in North America; taking on the role of CEO for five technology startups, with focuses on mobility, medical devices, blockchain, cryptology, and government technology services, providing services in areas such as AI, blockchain, BI, and cybersecurity.

With experience in locations like Paris, Washington DC, Montreal, and Toronto, Frederic has gained a broad perspective on the tech startup environment. Currently, Frederic is the President of Neovian Digital. Neovian is the 5th most active provider of due diligence for private equity in France by deal count. Since 2007, Neovian has conducted over 400 strategic due diligence projects, mainly with technology companies, and has completed more than 30 IT due diligence assignments.

Dec 07 2023
12:30 pm