LIVE Concert with Yasha Zare

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concert yashazare 2june

LIVE Concert with Yasha Zare

“I feed on creativity and anything repetitive kills my soul. So since graduating in Maritime Electronics and Communication, I did so many different activities like working online or as the supervisor of a major company.
After getting involved with Christian activities back home in Iran, I fell into trouble so I left my country with literally my life in my hands, leaving everything I worked so hard for behind and after fighting through a long and impossible journey on foot that developed the basis of my new life, I settled in Luxembourg, The Hobbiton, the Shire of our planet to enjoy the most peaceful sunshines and attend the passions most adored in my heart like music, painting, photography and videography until my last sunset.”
Yasha Zare



*All money gathered from this concert will be transferred to Mr. Zare without any extracted fees.

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LPEA COVID-19 initiative for local artists account:
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