LPEA at the SuperReturn International in Berlin (22-25 February 2016)

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LPEA participation in SuperReturn International 2016

LPEA was again present with a booth at SuperReturn International in Berlin. Together with ALFI, we shared with the conference delegates Luxembourg’s latest trends and updates. The event was also the occasion to host a Luxembourg evening which gathered part of the Luxembourg community present at the event.

superinvestor berlin 2016

Luxembourg private equity sector was again represented at SuperReturn International 2016 in Berlin,  from 22nd to 25th of February. By many considered as the world’s biggest private equity conference, this year’s edition was up to the expectations with over 2000 participants taking part in the conferences and visiting the exhibitor stands.

In addition to the roughly 100 Luxembourg-based attendees at the conference, LPEA and ALFI hosted a shared Luxembourg corner with publications about the sector and Q&A point for delegates interested in knowing more about the country.

Separately, LPEA hosted a “Luxembourg evening” in the restaurant Catzorange with the participation of 30 of our members present in Berlin, some of their respective guests and the honorable participation of Cindy Tereba, Head of the trade and economic department at the Embassy of Luxembourg in Berlin.

To drive further engagement at the conference venue, LPEA and ALFI gave away a small robot from the Star Wars movie via an on-site draw. The “toy” produced considerable attention and was a subject of discussion for a significant number of participants.

Check the photos of our participation below.


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