LPEA – LHoFT Start-up Event (8.10.2019)

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lpea lhoft start up event 1

LPEA – LHoFT Start-up Event (8.10.2019)

The LPEA invites its members for an evening event at the LHoFT in Luxembourg City to meet 3 local start-ups and take part in the dialogue between the VCs and the local entrepreneurial community.

Our agenda:

5:30 – Welcome and registration at LHoFT Big Bang

6:00 – Welcome note

6:10 – VC’s testimonial and perspectives

6:30 – Victor Buck Services (investor) with Docunify IP (acquired company)

6:50 – Start-up pitch 1 “Ekofolio”

7:00 – Start-up pitch 2 “Luxembourg Technology School”

7:10 – Start-up pitch 3 “Stokr”

7:20 – drinks and finger food sponsored by the LPEA

logo ekovolio

EKOFOLIO is mission-driven fintech company, whose core mission to enable everyone to invest profitably in Forestry assets.

The global forestry investment sector remains very niche, but still accounts for approximately US$100+billion in institutional investment – include TIMOs, REITs, Stocks, and direct holdings in private capital. Our vision is to utilize the latest advances in blockchain technology to create a transparent, dynamic and liquid market specifically for the specialist asset class of forests globally, enabling large and small investors to participate on comparable terms.

logo luxembourg tech school 1

The Luxembourg Tech School A.s.b.l (LTS for short) is a new extracurricular school to support the development of future Digital Leaders.

It is aimed at 13-19 years old students who are passionate about the digital realm and eager to learn and apply technology in a real business context. The first pilot started September 2016 with about 30 students from the Lycées at the Geesseknäppchen Campus. This was a immediate success and LTS is now in more than 7 schools and is coaching more than 120 students! Students follow a Business and Technology program divided into three blocks. They get personalized coaching and work on their own projects, which they showcase at the end of each block.

logo stokr

STOKR will provide a web-based interface that will allow ventures to present their businesses in a transparent and compelling way for any potential investor.

The mission is to create a world where everyone is empowered to fuel innovative ventures. They aim to simplify the complex world of investing by opening up inspiring opportunities for everyday investors and businesses with bright ideas. STOKR will be powered by Ethereum blockchain to create independent access to new capital markets. Through an EU-compliant tokenisation of securities (also known as STOs), everyday investors can directly fund innovative start-ups and SMEs in return for a share of the venture’s future profits. We focus on supporting projects that are committed to making a positive impact, as well as creating a community of educated participants empowered to make better decisions.



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