LuxFLAG: Implementing ESG in Private Equity

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LuxFLAG’s next breakfast seminar on ‘Implementing ESG in private equity’ will welcome LPEA members Claus Mansfeldt (Managing Director) and Holger Emmel (Director, Legal & Compliance) from Swancap Investment Management and Nicolas Hentgen, Investment Analyst at Manor Group.

Sustainable growth companies are stepping up these days with compelling business cases which catch investors’ interest through their combination of financial performance and positive impact generation. At the same time, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects are increasingly incorporated by PE managers into investment analysis, decision-making and monitoring of portfolio companies through a robust responsible investment policy. Sustainability aspects are becoming part of key risk exposures in PE deals, be it in the pre-acquisition phase or after acquisition through reporting on progress achieved. Find out how sustainability-focused private equity managers use a value-driven investment approach in building and managing portfolio companies.

To register in this event visit: https://www.luxflag.org/pages/events-detail.html?&eventidarticle=107


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