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  • Expon Capital :The Four Musketeers of VC
  • 2be.lu : A niche-oriented VC
  • How to choose your VC?
  • Ilavska Vuillermoz Capital: A Luxembourg Investment Company of the Fast Track.
  • Investing in the future of healthcare.
  • A new class of investors in Luxembourg: Corporate Venture Capital.
  • A new VC coming to Luxembourg
  • The Tax Young PE Leaders Committee.
  • The Globe and the Luxembourg Private Equity Industry.
  • Structuring incentive schemes for Fund Managers and Executives.
  • PE Exit Strategies – The revival of the IPO option.
  • AML/CFT due diligence on assets – A shift change for invstment professionals 
  • A paradigm shift in private capital – is Luxembourg equipped to meet investor demands?
  • Harnessing digitisation: Achieving a harmonised view accross all your assets
  • Digitalizing data for investors in the circular economy
  • The SCSp and its GAAP – a tale comes to an end…. does it?
  • 12 hints for a successful PE Career in Luxembourg

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