The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP)

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European Commission

The European Investment Project Portal

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The European Investment Project Portal (EIPP, the Portal) is a public web portal established by the European Commission in order to provide greater transparency about EU investment opportunities. By creating a common meeting point for investors and EU project promoters, EIPP supports investment in the real economy and it is an important component of the Investment Plan for Europe.

The Portal provides a transparent forward looking pipeline of EU investment projects spread over 25 high-economic-potential sectors such as innovation, infrastructure and SMEs. Projects’ information is presented in a structured format in service to interested investors. Further, the Portal offers the possibility to filter projects according to investor’s preferences (e.g. country, sector, project cost) and to establish an easy first contact with promoters.

Many of the projects on the Portal are cross-border ones, currently resulting in some 200 project-marks on the interactive EIPP project map. The total investment proposed from all the published projects amounts to more than EUR 56 billion, and the European Commission is actively striving to bring more projects to the Portal.

Some of the EIPP projects, e.g. Rail Baltica which spans 5 countries, have already received significant interest from investors. Other projects which are holding the specific interest of investors are coming from the field of renewable energy and infrastructure.

In course of 2017, the Portal will actively continue to develop its features, such as registration process and search tool, in order to further improve the service offered for both investors and promoters.

We kindly invite LPEA members to browse through the investor-friendly Portal’s website and discover already available investment opportunities. For additional information about the EIPP, please visit its website or contact eipp-project@ec.europa.eu.

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