ALCO AML Annual Report

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The LPEA reminds the AML/CFT Compliance Officers of the Fund industry that the deadline to file the AML annual report is approaching (31st May 2021) and is pleased to share the attached document.


The Working Group 40 of ALCO had recently worked to update the AML Annual Report for IFMs which was initially published in 2018.


This new document is not only addressed to Luxembourg-based IFMs, but also to Luxembourg-based registered AIFMs, self-managed Luxembourg CSSF regulated funds and Luxembourg CSSF regulated funds managed by a non-Luxembourg investment funds manager IFMs.


Please kindly note that, as every document published by industry associations, the attached document is not meant to be an industry standard nor a guide to best practice, but it represents the view of a group of market participants. Each entity shall adapt and apply this document taking into account its own organization, its ML/TF risk appetite, its ML/TF risk assessment and the size and nature of the activities it provides.