E-NSIGHTS: Speakers give their sneak peek

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We asked our speakers for a sneak peek about the upcoming topics at our E-nsights conference. 

Let’s get inspired while waiting for our event of the year!


What has Luxembourg that other countries don’t?

Alex Estevez (Accel): From my perspective, Luxembourg’s historical embrace of cultural diversity positions itself quite well for long-term success on the global financial stage.


Christian Ovesen (CORDET Capital Partners LLP): Stable financial system, predictable regulations, location in the CET time zone, well educated and trained work force, familiarity with fund structures, favourable tax system, multi lingual work force.


Daniel Coheur (Tokeny Solutions): Luxembourg has a very proactive government/administration eager to size opportunities when they arise, and fast to adapt its regulatory framework to permit to do so.


Hind El Gaidi (Astorg): The business friendliness of the state and the agility of Luxembourg is our main asset. We see these super states that have become very competitive financial hubs such as Singapore, and that reinforces the fact that it’s a winning strategy. Luxembourg’s bet for the next decade is to increase its attractivity for talent as we’re in human capital intensive businesses.


Jed Grant (KYC3): Luxembourg has a great legal and regulatory framework for investment management, an agile business community willing and able to embrace change, and an approachable and accessible government and regulatory regime that find practical and sustainable solutions for business in Luxembourg.


Ko Bhadra (InfraRed Capital Partners Ltd): Established centre of excellence for the operation of private funds, with robust but accommodative regulatory and tax regimes.


Olaf Kordes (Luxempart): I think Luxemburg has a unique setting at the crossroads of Europe. It provides a safe and stable business environment yet it is extremely dynamic, since the State is well-organized and managed, it benefits from its international population that has allowed the country to create an environment that is not replicable elsewhere : openness, down to earth business sense and very creative and dynamic business conditions. It is basically what we sell at Luxempart : above all, flexibility, capacity to adapt and to support.


Peter Veldman (EQT Partners): Luxembourg has built one of the strongest financial platforms in Europe with its main asset being its expertise, infrastructure and a very diversified talent pool (from a cultural and professional point of view). Its central geographical location in Europe and sound regulatory and fiscal framework provide the financial sector with a stable environment to grow.


Rosa Villalobos (Macquarie Asset Management Europe): Strong and trusted regulatory framework, largest investment fund centre worldwide. Luxembourg is the third country in the EU with the lowest national debt in relation to GDP.


Steffen Pauls (Moonfare): Luxembourg is one of the quintessential European countries. It combines French, German and local culture with an extremely diverse population and strong industrial history that made it international and open to cooperation from the beginning. Luxembourg has always had an outsized impact on European politics, industry and innovation.