Release of a new tagline & motto for LPEA

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lpea voice of luxembourg mtm

Release of a new tagline & motto for LPEA

The LPEA updates its logo with the adoption of a new tagline: “The Luxembourg Voice of Private Capital”. The previous tagline featuring the association’s full name, is replaced by a new tagline embracing a larger scope “Private Capital” and aligning with the one of the parent European association Invest Europe “The Voice of Private Capital”. While the adoption of “the voice” links closely to the advocacy role of LPEA, the reference to “private capital” intends to better represent parts of the asset class which grow in importance in Luxembourg but fall out of the traditional private equity scope such as Debt Funds and Infrastructure Funds”.

In addition to the new tagline, the LPEA logo will in certain occasions feature its new motto “Matching Talent & Money”. This complementary message highlights the association’s role in building a complete ecosystem where talented professionals are critical to the growth of the local private equity fund industry.

The new messages are integrated since September 2019 and result of the internal strategy review approved in May 2019.