13.05.2019 – LPEA AGM 2019: Management changes at LPEA and Strategy Review for 2020+

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PRESS RELEASE 13/05/2019

Management changes at LPEA and Strategy Review for 2020+

» Rajaa Mekouar-Schneider replaces Paul Junck as Managing Director of LPEA

» Claus Mansfeldt replaces Rajaa Mekouar-Schneider as President of LPEA
All effective September 1st, 2019


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LPEA) held today announced the retirement of Paul Junck as Managing Director, who will be replaced by Rajaa Mekouar-Schneider, effective September 1st, 2019.

Paul Junck’s commitment to the association is widely recognised by its members. Under his leadership, LPEA grew to become a critical and active player of the private equity and venture capital sector in Luxembourg. With 212 Members today, the LPEA’s success is largely due to the determination and skills of its soon-to-retire Managing Director who is praised by all.

As a result of this management change, Rajaa Mekouar-Schneider is resigning from her role as President of LPEA and will be replaced by Claus Mansfeldt, Chairman & Managing Director of SwanCap Investment Management S.A. Claus has been a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of LPEA since 2018. He will remain its Chairman until the end of the current mandate ending May 2020.

This change was approved by the Board of Directors on April 15th 2019, and communicated to the members of LPEA at the AGM.

Rajaa Mekouar-Schneider, Head of Private Equity for a Luxembourg Single Family Office, has been a Board member of LPEA since May 2016 and its elected Chairwoman since July 2018.

Since her election, the association increased its member count by over 20%, with mostly GPs/ LPs joining, thus expanding the reach of LPEA to PE investors. She was the initiator of LPEA Insights Conference Series in 2017, now the annual go-to event for PE practitioners. She also launched the PE4Women group, the Single Family Office platform and the ESG Technical Committee. Rajaa helped raise LPEA’s and the PE industry profile in the media as she featured in many publications describing the key trends in the PE industry and its key role in the wider economy.

The AGM also saw the presentation of LPEA’s Strategy 2020+, which derives from a 360º review of the association in its local and international context. The key outcome includes the need to preserve its core assets and building on its success to stay ahead of the PE industry’s challenges, as it becomes more institutional and complex in nature and structure. One of the core recommendations concerns the opportunity to develop more tailor-made content and support to our different member groups, just as Luxembourg is steadily firming up its position as a hub for PE investors. LPEA, the Voice of Private Capital, is more than ever focused on its mission to “match talent and money” and be the go-to platform for its members to learn, share and network.

The AGM concluded with a keynote speech by LPEA guest Nasir Zubairi, CEO of The LHoFT on digital disruption affecting the financial industry, just as LPEA is getting closer to the start-up ecosystem and Venture Capital is a growing part of the PE.

LPEA Annual General Meeting 2019

13 May | 6 pm | Banque de Luxembourg | Exclusive to Members of LPEA



Registration  Signature of entitled representatives



“A walk through the woods. Cutting through the hype of digital disruption.”
Guest Keynote Speech by Nasir Zubairi, CEO of The LHoFT Foundation






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