Capital V #10

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Capital V #10

The magazine of LPEA – 2H 2017


    • Private Equity and You
    • Editorial
    • News
    • A hands-on approach to luxury and boutique hotels
    • Quantifying Risk for Private Equity – Challenges and Approaches
    • Are jobs keeping up with Private Equity’s growth?
    • Talkwalker talks the talk and walks the walk
    • Private Equity means Luxembourg
    • Unlocking the value of distributed ledger technology (blockchain) in private equity
    • Bringing Fund Financing Facilities to the table
    • AIFM and the Depositary: Double Oversight? Opportunity for standardisation?
    • Building up a reputation in South Korea
    • GP-for-hire
    • Market Figures
    • LPEA photo gallery
    • Show time!
    • About LPEA
    • Events’ Calendar



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