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0100 Conference DACH 2024

Meet International LPs and GPs at 0100 Conference DACH

Mark your calendars to meet with LPs and GPs in DACH – 0100 Conference DACH 2024 on February 28-29 in Vienna. Now in its 10th edition, 0100 Conference DACH convenes over 220 LPs and GPs from leading firms like Arcano, Ardian, Capiton, Coller Capital, Dawn Capital, Earlybird, Erste Asset Management, Golding Capital Partners, High-Tech Gründerfonds, id4 Ventures, Runa Capital and Vitruvian Partners. Take advantage of exclusive side events including the VIP Dinner, LP Breakfast and Cocktail Reception.

LPEA members benefit from a 15% discount code: DACH24LPEA. Register here.

Feb 28 - 29 2024
All Day