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HR Webinar with John Holloway and Ann Hansen from EIF

On the 3rd of December at 17:00 we will have the Christmas edition HR webinar, the last one this year. For the first time we will have two guests who will share their extraordinary experience along with exciting stories from their career paths. John Holloway, currently an independent director and at AMUF and LPEA, spent more than 20 years at European Investment Bank (EIB) and 18 years at European Investment Fund (EIF) as Director of Private Equity Investments. He was responsible for all Equity transactions entered into by the EIF, with approx EUR 16bn of assets under management invested in over 500 Fund Managers. Ann Hansen, Head of Unit – Resource Management at EIF, joined the organisation nearly 6 years ago, having spent 24 years prior at EIB. We will ask John and Ann about how it feels to work for the same company for more than quarter-century, how to wake up with a smile on your face enjoying what you do, how to find the job of your dreams and much more. Funny stories and insights included.    
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Dec 03 2020
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm