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International Women’s Day 2023 – Game. Set. Match.

Time: 17:30 to 18:30
Location: Deloitte

LPEA and Deloitte teamed up to organise the International Women’s Day Conference.
International Women’s Day aims to shed light on the challenges that women around the world face every day, and how they’ve repeatedly risen above them. So when it comes to tackling problems in the business world, who better to consult than a woman that didn’t stop until she achieved what she set out to do?
Justine Henin transformed her childhood trials and tribulations into triumph, ultimately realizing her lifelong dream of becoming number one in the world—a title she held for over 2 years.
Beyond her unbeatable backhand (“most beautiful in the world” according to John McEnroe) and ferocious footwork, Justine credits her success to her humble tenacity and always aiming for more.
Get insight into how Justine’s mental toughness, flexibility and adaptiveness—on and off the court— transformed her dream to be number one into a reality, and continues to drive forward her success today.

Mar 08 2023
5:30 pm