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Strategies to Mitigate Risks for SFOs

The real and perceived risks to families and their wealth and how to put in place strategies to mitigate against them.


  • Matthew Fleming – Fifth generation Fleming family member and Partner leading Stonehage Fleming’s ‘Family Governance and Succession’ practice.
  • Andrew Joy – Senior Adviser to the Stonehage Fleming Group and Chair of the Private Equity Investment Committee. Andrew was one of the Founding Partners of Cinven.
  • Priyanka Hindocha – Director within Stonehage Fleming’s Family Office team, with a specific focus on supporting families with their governance and succession planning.



  1. The Four Pillars of Capital and the importance of purpose – Stonehage Fleming’s ‘Four Pillars of Capital’ were created and continue to be developed as a result of ten years’ of research in conjunction with over 150 families and their trusted advisers from around the world.
  2. Real and perceived risks to a family and their wealth, including:
  • Risks involved
  • How best to put in place strategies to mitigate against them.
  • An example of the lifecycle of a PE professional, using Andrew Joy’s personal journey as a case study.
  1. The importance of:
  • Purpose as the foundation of a decision making framework.
  • Values
  • Defining success.
  • Communication and ‘having one voice’.
  • Next generation engagement.


The event is exclusive to the LPEA SFO Club Members.

Please register at events@lpea.lu

Apr 20 2022
6:00 pm