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Webinar – Year-end Top Valuation Challenges

Date: 6 March

This event will be held virtually on Webex – the link to the session will be communicated before the webinar.

In this webinar co-organized with the LVPA (Luxembourg Valuation Professionals Association), the panelists will share the main challenges they are facing when it comes to year-end valuations. Initially, they will explain how valuation guidelines (IPEV), valuation standards (IVS), and regulatory frameworks (ESMA CSA) are developing and how this affects their day-to-day analysis.

Then they will discuss on the impacts of market conditions on valuation (inflation and interest rates, risk-free rates and equity risk premium, (il)liquidity of assets, geopolitical environment,…).

Lastly, the discussion will revolve around the evolution of valuation practices, with a focus on market-oriented valuation approaches, the valuation impact of the retailisation of private markets, and the use of valuation tools.

Mar 06 2024
11:00 am