19.10.2018 – Fundraising for Your Luxembourg Vehicle in China

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Fundraising for Your Luxembourg Vehicle in China

Auditorium of the Banque de Luxembourg | 19.10.2018

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After a first joint event in March 2017, LPEA and Chinalux partner again for a private equity event focused on the Chinese market. This edition will explore the challenges of fundraising from Chinese investors and setting up the necessary vehicles. With six major Chinese banks established in Luxembourg, often working hand in hand with Chinese investors, we expect this session to provide clarity into the legal and tax aspects of fundraising in China and obtain first-hand testimonial from experts and fund managers dealing with Chinese investors.



08:30 Registration & coffee

09:00 Welcome Remarks

  • Dirk Dewitte, President of ChinaLux
  • Paul Junck, Managing Director of LPEA

09:10 Keynote: Regulatory Trends in China

  • Ge Yin, Partner at Han Kun Law Offices China

09:20 Case study: Key characteristics of Chinese LPs

  • Joyce MinYing Shen, Managing Partner Europe, De Tiger Company

09:30 Sell Your Luxembourg Fund to Chinese Investors
– Chinese Investors appetite for PE/VC investments
– Hong Kong vs. mainland China
– Selling tips towards Chinese investors

  • Amanda Yeung, Director of China Overseas Investment Network at Ernst & Young
  • Li Miao, Director of Product Development Division at Bank of China Luxembourg SA
  • Wang Xiaozhu, Head of Private Banking Department at China Merchants Bank Luxembourg Branch
  • Christian Heinen, Managing Director SGG Luxembourg
  • Marcus Peter, Partner at GSK Luxembourg (moderator)

10:10 Tax, Legal and Compliance Considerations for capital raising in China
– Cayman vs. Luxembourg vehicles
– Repatriation of proceeds to the investors
– Marketing restrictions (Professional investors exception in HK, reverse solicitation, QDII, QDIE, RQDII & QDLP)

  • Pierre Beissel, Partner at Arendt & Medernach
  • Ge Yin, Partner at Han Kun Law Offices
  • Jacques Bortuzzo, Head of China Desk at KPMG
  • Fabien Machard, Head of UHNWI & Family Office Services, BIL (moderator)

10:50 Case study: How does a Cross-Border Investment Fund work?

  • Yang Chuanjin, Director at China-CEE Investment Cooperation Fund

11:00 Networking cocktail


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About LPEA

The Luxembourg Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LPEA) is the representative body of private equity and venture capital professionals in Luxembourg.

As a global private equity hub hosting the top 13 global PE/VC firms, Luxembourg disposes of a stable tax regime and is today at the forefront of international regulation providing a flexible, secure, predictable and multi-lingual jurisdiction to operate in.

Founded by 25 members in 2010, LPEA hosts 175 members today. The association plays a leading role in the discussion and development of the investment framework and actively promotes the industry beyond the country’s borders. We provide a dynamic and interactive platform for members to discuss and exchange information and organise working meetings and networking opportunities on a regular basis.

LPEA is a member of Luxembourg for Finance and of Invest Europe where it is represented as the co-Chair of the European association’s Tax, Legal & Regulatory Committee. LPEA is also represented in the Haut Comité de la Place Financière (HCPF) and keeps close contacts with other associations of the sector in Luxembourg and abroad.

If Luxembourg is your location of choice for private equity, LPEA is where you actually join the industry!

The China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (“ChinaLux”) was founded on May 31st 2013. A private, non-profit organisation initiated by 20 Founder Members active in the China-Luxembourg business community, ChinaLux holds as its Honorary President the Chinese Ambassador to Luxembourg, Mr HUANG Changqing. ChinaLux provides a supporting role in bilateral trade and cultural ties between China and Luxembourg. It maintains close relations with the Luxembourg government and Chamber of Commerce, as well as various other organisations represented on the ChinaLux Advisory Board.

ChinaLux’s overall goal is to create and maintain a platform that promotes bilateral trade between China and Luxembourg. Specific goals also include:
To organise, activate, motivate, promote and support China-Luxembourg-related trade initiatives and events – such as meetings, workshops and conferences – in order to capture long term opportunities, with a regular focus on areas of mutual interest to accelerate these opportunities;
To build a knowledge base for ChinaLux Members containing useful information regarding economic missions, contact persons with access to China, service propositions, brochures, etc.;
To provide members with assistance in contacting official bodies in China, Luxembourg and other countries, as well as international or national organisations in respect of Chinese inbound and outbound activities.

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