Stephane Pesch takes office with reviewed LPEA team roles

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Stephane Pesch is LPEA’s new CEO.

After the announcement in July of the appointment of Stephane Pesch as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the LPEA, taking effect as of today, the remaining team will also go through some changes reflecting the growing size of the association.

Luís Galveias, previously heading the marketing department, is now Chief Operating Officer (COO), a role that comprises the monitoring of the different initiatives of the LPEA. He remains the key point of contact for sponsors and will continue the implementation of further processes in the organisation to give members an optimised interaction with the association.

Kheira Mahmoudi remains the Executive Office, Operations and Governance Manager, a role which comprises all the operations essential to the running of an association while providing support to the governing bodies of the LPEA.

Michaela Viskupicova expands her events management role to the attraction of new members as Global Events and Business Development Manager. Her new responsibilities include the planning and execution of all LPEA events and the identification of key players not yet members of the association.

Natalia Koltunovskaya, social media master behind our newsletters and our fast-growing LinkedIn profile is now Head of Communication and Membership. In this role Natalia is responsible for the onboarding of new members, managing the applications to the different committees and clubs and leading the talents are supporting our members’ HR departments in attracting new profiles.

Evi Gkini, recruited in April as trainee from the University of Luxembourg will be working part-time with the LPEA from September 15th. Evi is a crucial element of the LPEA Academy launched in June and will continue to support different projects of the association including the promotion of the asset class among students. A new trainee, Dimitra Drompoulianoudi, will also join LPEA this month as a student from the University of Luxembourg.

“I am very excited for this new chapter of the LPEA. Our team grew over the years with very interesting profiles and this change of roles reflects the skills we bring together and the new challenges we have ahead” underlines Stephane Pesch.

The contact details for each member of the team can be found here,

About the LPEA

The Luxembourg Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (LPEA) is the representative body of private equity and venture capital professionals in Luxembourg. With 280 members, LPEA plays a leading role in the discussion and development of the investment framework and actively promotes the industry beyond the country’s borders.