Antwort Capital is pleased to announce the final closing of Antwort Buyout Opportunities FF above target

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Luxembourg, April 26, 2022—Antwort Capital, the Luxembourg-based feeder fund platform which provides qualified private investors access to top-tier private market funds through their feeder structure, announces the final closing of the Antwort Buyout Opportunities FF (the “Fund”) with €26 million in capital commitment from private investors.  More than 60+ investors from Luxembourg and internationally participated in the Fund. The Fund’s aim is to get exposure to the private equity buyout segment in Europe and North America by investing in SwanCap’s multi-strategy fund “Swan V” as the underlying fund.

SwanCap specializes in the private equity buyout segment and offers its predominantly institutional investors an “integrated investment strategy” by combining private equity primary investments, direct secondaries, and direct co-investments. Swan V is the successor fund of Swan III ‒ a €400m+ mid-market multi-strategy fund which was oversubscribed and has since performed in line with targets despite the pandemic. Similar to Swan III, Swan V will follow a PE mid-market commingled investment strategy combining primary fund investments, co-investments, and opportunistic secondary deals to optimize risk-adjusted returns. As proven by its long-term track record, SwanCap is one of the most consistent multi-managers in private equity with funds ranking in the top quartile (Preqin).

Manuel San Salvador, Managing Partner, and Founder of Antwort Capital, commented: “As the minimum investment required to access these top-quartile private equity funds is so high, Antwort’s feeder solution enables qualified private investors to not only access these funds easily through a platform, but also invest in funds that are typically reserved for institutional investors or are difficult to access directly.  We are delighted with our partnership with SwanCap, and its proven track record and diversified investment strategy was a very appealing opportunity to our network of private investors.  We look forward to more collaboration with SwanCap on their upcoming funds and giving our clients further access to its diversified top quartile private equity strategies”.

Vinayak Bhattacharjee, Managing Partner and chair of investment selection at Antwort said that “Working with SwanCap is a way for Antwort to offer its investors superior risk-adjusted investment opportunities in a segment where risk dispersion is high and where one needs to guard against adverse manager selection”.  He added that “Through its investments in funds, secondaries and co-investments, the Swan V program will deliver both high levels of diversification and substantial liquidity through a higher frequency of distributions”. 

Claus Mansfeldt, Chairman SwanCap Luxembourg commented: “Antwort has successfully broadened SwanCap’s indirect investor base in a complementary and efficient manner. We have been delighted to work with their professional and dedicated team in a highly collaborative process”.

About Antwort Capital:

ANTWORT Capital is a feeder platform, which was created to respond to the needs of private banks, family offices, private investors, and advisors to give their clients access to top performing institutional private equity funds. Headquartered in Luxembourg, ANTWORT combines its core values with an entrepreneurial approach to offer strategic financial solutions with access to various opportunities in the dynamic and fast-growing markets globally. For more information, please contact s.sherwani@antwort.lu or e.depotesta@antwort.lu  website: www.antwort.lu


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