New Fund Financing Technical Committee

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Pierre Even (BDL); Andrea Nini (HSBC); Yves Wampach (Spuerkeess); Stephane Pesch (LPEA);
Quentin Dupraz (Ilavska Vuillermoz Capital); Netta Sundar (ING); Cyril Lepeu-Boisseau (Intesa Sanpaolo); Lionel Bodson (BIL); Daniela Klasen-Martin (RBS International)

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the new Technical Committee sub-group “Fund Financing”. Comprising leading bankers, this committee aims to enhance the attractiveness of Luxembourg as a preeminent financial center.

Its key objectives include:

  1. Raising Awareness: The committee will actively promote the existence and significance of Fund Financing within the Luxembourg financial ecosystem.
  2. Technical Advancements: By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the committee will contribute to the continuous development of lending facilities across various fund structures.

Stay tuned for further updates as we embark on this exciting journey to strengthen Luxembourg’s position as a global financial hub.

Note: The Technical Committee sub-group “Fund Financing” is a collaborative initiative that brings together industry experts to drive innovation and excellence in fund financing practices. If you would like to join the Committee, please contact our office.