LPEA and LuxFLAG sign Cooperation Agreement

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LPEA and LuxFLAG sign Cooperation Agreement


lpea luxflag small

In the photo, left to right: Paul Junck (Managing Director of LPEA), Rajaa Mekouar-Schneider (Chairwoman of LPEA), Thomas Seale (Chairman of LuxFLAG) and Mario Mantrisi (General Manager of LuxFLAG).

The LPEA and LuxFLAG, the Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency a.s.b.l. signed a reciprocal cross-membership agreement on July 17th 2018 . This collaboration contemplates the sharing of information and interaction on topical issues including regulatory matters and the cooperation on promotional activities such as events, publications or trainings.

With ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and SRI (Social Responsible Investments) on the top of many investors’ priorities, it remains critical for LPEA and LuxFLAG to remain attentive to the needs and challenges of private equity fund managers operating in Luxembourg.