LPEA awarded sustainability label

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The LPEA obtained the ESR Entreprise Responsable label from INDR.

This certification represents a commitment of the association in various areas such as sustainability strategy, governance, social and environmental responsibility. It also aligns the management of the association with one of the main trends of the Private Equity and Venture Capital industries today: the implementation of ESG criteria (Environment, Social and Governance).

While some sustainability actions were already in place, this certification process contributed to formalise some of existing initiatives and to lay the ground for further commitments. Because of this exercise and as an example, the LPEA will introduce from 2023 on a Code of Conduct to its members and will further promote gender diversity in the sector. Additionally, the LPEA will also start to compensate C02 emissions related to its initiatives and will affect a dedicated budget to ESR activities.

Luís Galveias, Chief Operating Officer and CSR Manager of the LPEA, reflects on the certification process as “a big achievement for the LPEA and the start of a journey which will lead us to improve our decision making process and to take conscious options in view of the commitments we are signing now”.

The CEO of LPEA, Stephane Pesch, reinforces the engagement and is excited to “align the strategy of the association with one of the main trends shaping the Private Equity and Venture Capital industries today as many investors and fund managers turn to better ESG policies throughout the value chain of their investments.”

The INDR (Institut National pour le Développement Durable et la Responsabilité Sociale des Entreprises) is the leading ESR labelling provider in Luxembourg bringing together different certifying entities, establishing industry standards and promoting knowledge on ESR. The INDR is affiliated to the European CSR label “Responsibility Europe” which recognises the Luxembourg label internationally.

The ESR Entreprise Responsable label, awarded on December 21st, is valid for a three years period, during which the LPEA will continue its efforts towards a more sustainable and responsible footprint together with its stakeholders and community in general.

For more information contact the LPEA office.