Yann Magnan launches 73 Strings, new start-up supporting Private Equity

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Yann Magnan and Abhishek Pandey launch 73 Strings, “FASTech” powered by artificial intelligence, supporting in particular the Private Equity industry.


The start-up defines itself as a “FAStech” (Financial Advisory Services delivered as Technology Solution) with global ambitions. Its services include cutting edge technology solutions to M&A and finance departments of major listed groups as well as investment funds. 73 String will help their clients gain speed and agility while mining an ever-increasing volume of data that needs to be processed in an ever increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous economic context.


Aimed at Alternative Investment funds, as well as major corporate groups – both listed and unlisted -, 73 Strings combines expertise in valuation and financial advisory services with the development of cutting-edge technological solutions fueled by artificial intelligence at a time when given the Covid-19 crisis and an economic climate weakened by the uncertainties associated with Brexit, digitalization is playing an even more crucial role in the execution, completion and monitoring of financial transactions.


73 Strings is currently testing the first versions of its solutions with major European alternative investment funds.  73Strings is automating and streamlining collection and processing of financial and non-financial data for the investment teams and financial departments of these funds, helping them accelerate their decision-making process.


Technological solutions, deployed as SaaS, are designed to optimize deal hunting, valuation and reporting for investments, assets, legal entities or business units in the portfolio of their shareholders. These solutions are currently grouped into their two flagship products:


* Proton X, powered by artificial intelligence, optimizes the scanning and evaluating process for potential deals by running analytics on financial and alternative data;

* Qubit X is an innovative valuation platform that goes beyond calculations to facilitate decision making on key valuation parameters and the creation of automated reports.


73 Strings has quickly managed to bring together an international team between Paris, London, Amsterdam, Toronto, and Bengaluru. The startup already comprises of more than twenty-five employees – product experts, analysts, and corporate finance specialists, as well as developers, AI engineers, and data scientists – who design and test technological solutions powered by artificial intelligence.


“73 Strings is a logical continuation in my professional career dedicated to corporate finance and financial valuation of companies. Our software solutions, notably based on AI, offer the teams in charge of financial valuation significant time saving to simply aggregate from various sources key data of a company, a market, or its competitors, during an investment or valuation process, thus allowing the team in charge of this valuation to spend more time on what really counts, i.e. taking an opinion or making a judgement on different hypotheses or parameters”, enthuses Yann Magnan, CEO and who joined the 73 Strings team as co-founder.  


Find out more on 73 Strings official website: https://www.73strings.com/